Technical Committee TC-251 (Malmö, Sweden)

The family of standards ISO 55000 was generated by ISO team PC-251, and published in January, 2014. After publication, PC-251 evolved into Technical Committee TC-251, whose purpose is to analyze ways to improve the standard, and to produce an updated version in the coming years.

At TC-251’s first in-person meeting, held at Yokohama in November 2015, it was agreed to create six working groups to focus on the different aspects of the standard. These groups were to coordinate video conferences, and in-person meetings, with the advisable frequencies. The Finance work group, of which our CEO Norberto Levin is a member since creation, is focused on optimizing the relationship of financial management and asset management. Norberto attended the second TC-251 meeting, held in Malmö, 13 to 17 June. The six groups spent the entire week working their respective areas, then generated and submitted to ISO the resulting documents.