Services for Regulated Entities

We advise concessionary companies with asset valuations for tariff renegotiation processes.

Services for Regulated Entities

Companies in electric power sector, water and sewage, gas and telecommunications comply with reporting requirements related to the remuneration base, with direct impact on rates.
We help utilities accomplish all requirements of regulating agencies.

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  • 60 years’ experience
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Valuation for Periodic Rates Revision

• Valuation reports in compliance with rates regulation frameworks and procedures as required by local or national regulating agencies.
• Asset valuation for incorporation of private or third party networks.
• Valuation of reference company.

Works in Progress Audits

• Comparative analysis of as built vs. on-site vs. project vs. active physical assets.
• Analyze vendor measurements and scan for errors in billable services.
• Analysis of ongoing regulated investments.
• Create reference vendor model to establish pricing guideline.
• Compare pricing of third parties’ services between companies of same economic group and with other companies in same industry.

Regulatory Accounting

• Implement and customize physical asset management software (LevinAssets Regulatory and others).
• Implement results from periodical rates revision.
• Maintain regulatory base valuation updated.
• Run simulations and reports.
• Compliance with IFRIC 12 requirements.

Technical and Financial Regulation Consulting

• Useful life analyses for special regulatory functions.
• Analysis of labor assignments.
• Expense capitalization analysis (minor components and additional costs) and tax-related.
• Cost analysis for electric power and natural gas production, transmission and distribution.
• Comprehensive support for rate revision processes.
• Comparative benchmarking of service vendors’ efficiency.
• Economic analysis of regulatory impacts.
• Investment plan audits.

Services for Concession Renewals or Ends

• Compensation value for investment installments linked to assets with reversible ownership, by means of new replacement value (VNR).
• Validate reversible assets not fully depreciated or compensated by grantor.

Inventory for Periodic Rate Revision

• Initial physical count or verification of assets reported to regulating agency as regulatory remuneration base.
• Identify eligible assets.
• Determine use indicators.
• Analysis of regulated real estate.

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“Able to answer all our queries about the scope and determination of replacement prices in an efficient and concrete manner.”

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“The service and report delivered was not only better than the previous work, but surpassed our expectations.”

Ficosa North America

“Very good service of the staff, from the appraiser to the service quality assurance people.”

British American Tobacco

“We appreciated their speed, very good attitude, and their technical skill when conducting a market value analysis for certain assets.”

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“The team’s commitment to the project was decisive for the approval of the appraisal report.”

CPFL Paulista

“On issues regarding the administration of fixed assets and assignment of values, the recommendations provided were appropriate for our business.”

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