We provide tools to optimize asset management.


Levin Global deploys its own and third party software, that feature funcionality and flexibility to solve all aspects related to corporate asset management.

Why Levin

  • 60 years’ experience
  • Designed by experts
  • Integrated and customized solutions
  • Projects in over 40 countries
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Over 500 active clients

IBM Tririga – Portfolio Properties Management

• IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) solution designed to manage and operate the lifecycle of property portfolios, providing visibility on the status of properties and their assets.
• Optimizes processes and resources, detect budget differences (capital/operational) and incomplete scheduled actions.
• Built-in metrics and reports, empowering decision making and suggesting action for improvements.
• Built-in approvals manager that enables routing of documentation and allows data upload and sharing.
• Integrates with all major ERP (SAP, Oracle) and BMS platforms.
• Reduces facilities’ operational costs, increases return on real estate and mitigates environmental risks.
• Web solution, accessible from any PC, with friendly and customizable user interface.

LevinAssets (LA) – Fixed Asset Management

• Ongoing asset tracking.
• Investment in fixed assets projects management.
• Asset breakdown into components with different useful lives.
• Manages local and international books such as accounting, tax, insurable and fair value.
• Web solution, accessible from any PC, allows for functions’ distribution or centralization according to client preferences.

LevinAssets Mobile (LAM) – Fixed Asset Tracking

• Physical counts and cyclic inventories with pocket PC or tablets.
• Optimizes time and reliability in fixed asset control: process automation and enhanced productivity.
• Automatic update of locations in asset register.
• Classification of addition and deletion exceptions found, for authorized processing.
• Physical tagging with barcode or RFID labels.
• Interfaces with SAP AA, Oracle Assets or other ERP.
• Microsoft-certified application.


LevinAssets Regulatory (LAR) – Fixed Asset Management in Regulated Entities

• Investment in fixed assets projects management for regulated utilities.
• Fixed assets management in compliance with regulations for utilities.
• Fixed assets valuation updates with specific trends, and user-provided valuations.
• Depreciation projections with simulations of additions, disposals and assets at the end of useful life, including revaluations per applicable regulations.
• Reports for accounting, for regulatory purposes, for asset control and user-defined.
• Web solution, accessible from any PC, allows for functions’ distribution or centralization according to client preferences.

LevinProjects (LP) – Project Management for Consulting and Job Shops

• Human resource allocation.
• Duration and deadline control for project tasks and stages.
• Physical resource allocation (machinery, devices, materials).
• Profitability analysis.
• Quality assurance registers in compliance with ISO 9000.
• Invoicing and collection control.
• Customer satisfaction surveys.

LevinSurveyor (LS) – Disperse Installations Management

• Photo-geo-referenced assets and components surveys for utility distribution networks (power, telephone, water and sewerage, etc.).
• Integration of pocket PC, tablets and high resolution photo cameras for physical asset surveys.
• Data and image consolidation on LevinSurveyor Desktop.
• Enhanced field work productivity and data precision.
• Network components spatial display.
• High reliability, errors minimized.

Cloud-based BPO

• Administration, quality assurance, IT, marketing and human resource management outsourcing per ISO 9000 procedures.
• Significant cost reduction.

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