Who we are

Levin Global provides consulting services and develops software for corporate asset management and appraisal.

Founded in 1952, the firm comprises companies operating in United States, Latin America and Europe.

From its early beginnings, Levin Global has provided services to over 2,000 industrial, government and public services clients. We have offices in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, La Paz, Quito, Madrid, Bogota, Mexico City, Monterrey and New York.

Our aim is to continuously enhance our good name for commitment to excellence and quality, and to become world leaders in corporate asset management and appraisal.

The team

Levin Global’s team combines broad technical experience with industry-specific expertise.

Our team includes accountants, engineers, economists, architects, communicators, business administration and IT experts, and students.

While promoting open communication, we work to combine talents and differences to empower our individual strengths.

At Levin we believe in teamwork as a means to achieve best results.

At present, Levin Global’s shareholders are

Norberto Levín

President & CEO

Norberto Levín

President & CEO.

Joined the firm in 1970, president since 1990. Graduated in Physical Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1980. Heads intercontinental expansion and the ongoing development of our work culture and quality standards.

Norberto’s main functions involve developing strategy and methodology, growth-related investment decisions, team development policies and advisory and software standards.

Member Appraiser of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA); Founding Member of Asociacion Civil de Valuadores de Argentina (VAAC); Member of Poder Ciudadano’s (good government practices watchdog NGO) administration council, and Member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Argentina Club.

Fully proficient in Spanish and English.

Pablo Germán Otero


Pablo Otero joined the firm in 1994. Manager from 1999 up to 2008, since then Partner and Director of Asset Management. Graduated in Industrial Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Specialized in project leadership, asset management services and fixed asset system implementation.

Pablo participated in over 200 inventory and valuation projects for various companies in industries such as telecommunications, power public services, sewage and water, gas and oil, food, chemical and pharmaceutical.

Pablo led major jobs in several countries, including fixed asset management projects for Reuters US, BG Egypt and Procter & Gamble (Braun) in Germany. He also led the Telefónica fixed asset auditing project across Latin America, and performed a comprehensive diagnosis of the SAP modules linked to materials and fixed assets (AA, MM, PM, IM and FM) for fixed and mobile services. This assessment covered Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.

Pablo also assessed public and private clients in Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.

His responsibilities include proposals, customer relationships and supervising methodology and results, as well as implementing fixed asset systems. Pablo has a prominent role in software development LevinAssets and LevinAssets Mobile. He also coordinates training sessions and assigns human resources to advisory projects.
Pablo is a SAP AA specialist, and conducted various improvement and implementation projects across Latin America. He is also a registered member of the Argentine industrial engineering council.

Fully proficient in Spanish and fluent in English.

Pablo Juan Julio Tricci


Currently, in charge of the Software Department. Joined Levin in 1973, and has participated actively for almost forty years in fixed asset appraisals, specializing in the analysis of corporate value development. Organized the company’s offices in Quito (1993), Mexico City (2001) and Monterrey (2003).
Pablo directed major projects sponsored by organizations such as IADB, The World Bank, UNDP, IFC and IIC, leading appraisal teams in several privatizations and private equity investment processes in different public utility companies.
During 1990 Pablo was technical director of the appraisal of the main oil companies in Ecuador.
During 1993 and 1994 he was technical director of the appraisal of almost all power companies in Ecuador.
In 1995 and 1996 Pablo directed appraisal projects of all railways and YPFB warehouses in Bolivia. In 2003 he participated actively in restructuring the warehouse processes of Albania’s state-owned power company.
In 2008 he became head of the Software Department, leading the development of the LA (LevinAssets) and LAM (LevinAssets Mobile) Systems.
Courses: Strategic Management and Competitive Strategy, 1987, Universidad de Belgrano (UB). Postgraduate advanced program for Marketing Strategic Management and Planning Specialized Training, 1988, Colegio de Graduados en Ciencias Económicas. Purchasing & Materials Management: Creating a Seamless Process, organized by Institute for Supply Management (ISM), 2003, Pittsburgh, USA. ISO 9000 course, 1994, Cincinnati, USA. Speaker: 5th National Purchasing Conference, 2005, and 6th Purchasing Conference, 2006, both organized by IBC (International Business Communications) in São Paulo, Brazil. Speaker at the 3rd International Supply Conference, 2006, organized by Aprocal, Mexico City. Certificate of Achievement of Machinery and Equipment Valuation, 2009, delivered by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).
Fully proficient in Spanish and Italian and fluent in English and Portuguese.

Aldo Di Paolantonio


Joined the firm in 1977. Holds a Business Administration degree. Is currently in charge of the Appraisal Department. Specialized in the analysis of corporate value development process for privatized or leased public service companies. Has a postgraduate degree in Agribusiness and Food Management.

Guided appraisal teams for projects sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme and the Federal Council of Investment. Participated in several privatizations and private equity processes in state-owned companies in the water and sewage, sugar, power, railway, gas, oil and port industries. In the private sector, consulted for major analyses of M&A processes in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Uruguay.

Aldo’s functions include evaluating projects, assessing risks, managing resources and supervising methodology and results of intangible asset appraisals (goodwill, brands, and patents, among other). Also responsible for guiding comprehensive investment control systems and defining methodology and criteria for business valuations.

Aldo is a professor of Business Economics and Business Appraisal at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). He was also guest professor at the Strategic Management Seminar of the commercial aviation course at UADE, and guest lecturer for the training courses of the corporation for research and cooperative development (CEDECOOP) of Ecuador, sponsored by the German cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation. Published several papers on the power industry along with distinguished professionals. Other than his Spanish mother tongue, Aldo has good communication skills in English and Portuguese. In the last few years, he delivered several seminars in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Spain, on fixed asset appraisal.


Levin Global international expansion is the direct result of our path of increasingly comprehensive services.

Engineer David Levin founded the company in 1952 with the objective of providing consulting services in valuations. Over time, pleasing needs of our first customers, we develop solutions for inventory optimization and asset management outsourcing, seeking the reduction of operating costs and to maximize the efficiency and control of the assets of our clients.

Today, 60 years later, we are a team of 200 passionate seekers of excellence and continuous improvement.

Levin Worldwide

During our 60 years of existence, we have helped more than 2000 companies in over 42 countries.

Our offices are located in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, La Paz, Quito, Madrid, Bogota, Mexico City, Monterrey and New York. We strive for continuous improvement, as reflected in our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Quality Policy

Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Det Norske Veritas. In our consulting services and software development, we focus on improving processes and client satisfaction continuously.

Our service reliability is based on the latest appraisal technology. In other words, we use all approaches to provide accurate response to the question “what is the real value?”

We developed the LevinAssets and LevinAssets Mobile systems to solve all aspects of fixed asset management, including inventory and fair value, insurable and ad-valorem valuations.

At Levin Global we adhere to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), (The Appraisal Foundation), and the International Valuation Standards (IVSC).


  • Improve constantly. Value client experience from each service and product delivered, and learn from their congratulations, criticisms and suggestions towards continuous improvement.


  • Grow significantly, providing high value-added solutions while constantly improving client satisfaction.
  • Reinvent the Firm, finding new ways to add value, by incorporating new technologies, and recombining our abilities in asset management, valuations and software.

Values and Behaviors

All of us at Levin Global respect the following values that constitute our corporate culture:


  • Trust is the basis of all relationships. Be trustworthy.
  • Be honest in all relationships; honor agreements.
  • Recommend to our clients to their best interest, even if that means lower sales of our services.
  • Admit mistakes, and help the team understand where our processes failed and how to improve them.
  • Communicate mistakes across the firm, to avoid repetition.


  • Do whatever it takes to deliver every project on time, without contravening our procedures.


  • Encourage long-lasting relationships.
  • Exceed client expectations.
  • Be proactive while delivering service.
  • Self-training: stay updated with appropriate regulations and techniques.
  • Question work methods and suggest improvements.
  • Promote innovation and creativity oriented to results.
  • Let our clients be our best salespeople.

Team Spirit

  • Generate a thriving and enjoyable workplace.
  • Support each other so that all projects are successful.
  • We are one team across numerous offices: promote teamwork.
  • Improve communication constantly: good conversation always works.
  • Stimulate candor at all levels.
  • Promote flexibility to adapt quickly to changing environments.
  • Share knowledge and experience, especially with the newer team members.


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