Physical Asset Management and Valuations

We optimize physical assets management anywhere in the world.

Physical Asset Management and Valuations

Every company needs to know the total cost of its assets, including CapEx and OpEx, the risks involved in their management, and the fair value of the company and its assets.
Levin Global offers effective solutions for asset management and valuation in compliance with ISO 55000 and international professional valuation standards.

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Why Levin

  • 60 years’ experience
  • integrated and customized solutions
  • 200 expert advisors
  • projects in over 40 countries
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • over 500 active clients

Physical Asset Management – ISO 55000

• Optimize asset management.
• Integrate asset management data from finance, operations and plant maintenance departments.
• Expose assets’ total cost of ownership, CapEx and OpEx, throughout their life cycle.
• Support physical asset investment and divestment decisions based on total cost of ownership of current and replacement assets.

Fair Value in Compliance with IFRS and US GAAP

• Estimate fair values in compliance with international accounting standards.
• Maintain asset register fair value and cost of origin books.

Purchase Price Allocation

• Allocate purchase price to the different types of assets involved in a business transaction.
• Compliance with international and local accounting standards.

Fixed Asset Management

• Initial and cyclic physical counts in compliance with company-wide asset definitions and terminology, coding and tagging.
• Develop norms and procedures to identify, describe and manage assets.
• Reconcile physical count with existing asset registers.
• Implement inventory and fixed assets modules of all major ERP, including SAP AA and Oracle Assets.
• Fixed asset management outsourcing: cyclic inventories, tagging, monthly analysis of additions, transfers and disposals, databases maintenance and reporting.

Physical Assets Valuation

• Real property, machinery and equipment, IT, communications and vehicles.
• Fair values.
• Insurable values and classification in insurance policies.
• Real estate and equipment values for collateral in loans.
• Liquidation values.
• Tax base valuation.
• Spare parts and warehouse stock prices for accounting registration and sale of surplus.

Business Valuations

• Valuation of business units and equity.
• Valuation of brands, patents, technology rights, contracts, licenses, rights of way, non-compete agreements, backlog with clients, vendors or distributors, franchises and goodwill.
• Impairment analysis on cash generating units to assess recoverability and fair value of long lived assets.

Useful Lives and Transfer Prices

• Analysis of useful lives and depreciation criteria.
• Recommendation of appropriate useful life guidelines for accounting, tax and asset management.
• Valuation of assets, products, services, financial agreements and intangible assets transferred between related companies.

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